One of the Section's main goals is the harmonisation of training, continuing medical education of Occupational Physicians and to identify the minimum shared core competencies, that all specialist in Occupational Medicine should aquere through there training.

This Continuous Medical Education (CME) / Professional Development (CPD) is becoming increasingly important across member states of the EU. In line with current understanding that the medical profession needs to update knowledge and skills in an iterative manner following graduation from medical school, it is important for occupational health physicians to apprise themselves of best practice, knowledge and skills on an on-going basis.

The Section has in the document Chapter 6 "CHARTER on TRAINING of MEDICAL SPECIALISTS in the EU
REQUIREMENTS for the Specialty Occupational Medicine" outlined som minimum requerements to training.

In the document PROPOSAL FOR CONTINUING MEDICAL EDUCATION (CME) is the requrement for CME/CPD outlined.

The figure shows the duration of training in different of the member countries.