Occupational Medicine in Latvia


Society was established in December of 1994.


Occupational medicine in Latvia is independent speciality;

Presently there are 412 occupational physicians in Latvia (01.01.2014.) – 1 per 2.030 employees;

50 occupational physicians working full time in ocupational medicine. The most of occupational
physicians work in private sector (private medical centres);
15 occupational physicians are working in Occupational medicine center of University Hospital.
362 family doctors have the Certificate of occupational physician and are working part time job in occupational medicine;

Adress: Latvian association of occupational physicians, 16 Dzirciema street, Riga, LV 1067,phone +0037167409127, +003767409127,

president of association Maija Eglite, professor, Dr. habil. med.


Presentation of the Latvian Society of Occuptional Physisians 2014