Occupational Medicine in Norway


1659 – The mining industry physician – ”Berg Medicus”
1893 – First legislation for workers’ protection. Focus on child labour.
1910 – and onwards – increasing concern in social factors, working conditions and health

Nature of occupational Medicine in Norway

Occupational Medicine in Hospitals

1946- Outpatient clinic at the National Hospital in Norway. Organized by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority.
1960s and onwards- Out-patient clinic at the National Institute of Occupational Health     (STAMI)
1978- Department of Occupational Medicine at the Regional Hospital in Telemark, localised in a primary industrial area.
1990-1995- Departments of Occupational Medicine established at six regional hospitals in Norway

Occupational Health Services (OHS)

1917:  Industrial physician promotes preventive health care
1943:  40 OHS in factories
1945:  OHS organised in cooperation between Medical association, Trade Unions and
Employers organisation.
1977:  New Working Environment Act.
1979:  OHS 3.300 enterprises with 450.000 employees covered by OHS.
1990:  New Act defining enterprises that should have compulsory OHS.
2010:  Extension of the Act of 1990.
2010:  Compulsory approval for all OHS

Occupational Health Personnel both employed by the individual company and in independent enterprises offering OHS.

Population in Norway

5,0 million
Workforce approx. 2,5 mill.


Nearly 28.000 in total
447 members of the combined Association and Society of Occupational Medicine
281 approved specialists of Occupational Medicine


Postgraduate training of Occupational Medicine Specialists lasts five years. At least one year in OHS or in a Department of Occupational Medicine. Comprehensive program of supervision and theoretical training is mandatory.

No compulsory program for continuing medical education.


  • Risk assessment at the workplace
  • Counselling to the employers and the employees
  • Individual health screening
  • Cooperation Agreement regarding a More Inclusive Working Life
  • Diagnosis of occupational diseases
  • Research

Hot topics

Health Prevention based on Knowledge of Occupational Medicine in a Global Perspective
Strengthen the education in Occupational Medicine at the Universities
Strengthen Occupational Medicine – improve the physicians’ position in OHS